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Gabriel Suchowolski, a.k.a. microbians was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972 but then moved to Spain where he currently lives.  He currently works at Cocoe where he focuses mainly on motion graphics, animation and art direction for broadcasting and advertising. He also has a personal passion for illustration. He loves drawing. He always has done. From a very early age he developed a taste for comics and graphic novels, especially for the French masters such as Moebius or Enki Bilal. Also for Japanese manga… Urasawa, Otomo, Miyazaki, Morimoto… He likes playing piano, good 50’s movies and Earl Grey tea. Occasionally he also fancies a bit of programming. Since he was a kid he has flirted with technology and computer geekiness, which together with his interest for illustration has encouraged him to get involved with the creation of little multimedia pieces that are often conceived as personal artistic expressions.