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EVE01 – Apple Laptop Skin

Apple Laptop Sticker

Winner of contest.

A few months ago there was an Infectious competition for an Apple laptop cutout design. I downloaded the template and started thinking about it…
… All the other participants made theirs like an apple on a branch or something like that. It came to my mind, “what if it is not an apple at all? What if there is something more to it than just a stylized apple?” And than it came to me that it appeared to be like PacMan from the 80’s. Maybe on the same day, another artist uploaded a PacMan design just like that! So, I realized that I would have to look beyond that.
There is a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. It is a brain function that finds patterns where there are none, like seeing faces in the clouds or a head on the surface of Mars. Very similar to when people see a religious image in a stain on the wall, it is always because of Pareidolia. Thus I saw a woman’s face in the apple cutout.
My hard drive broke down so I lost this idea and design. I never applied for the Apple Cut competition that Infectious hosted.
Now, months after this, I have found the time to make it all over again. When piece was almost finished my wife was looking at me working and said ”Are you still working on that Eve?” There is an half eaten apple and a woman there, she certainly is the first of her kind, so thus she became Eve.