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Michael Grills – Style Change for an Illustrator With Mixed Tenancies

Michael Grills, a long time video games illustrator and fine artist, is making some massive changes to his brand and image. No longer just focusing on Video Games the long time Illustrator and Entrepreneur has decided to start showing more of his publishing and Fine Art on his website…

“I have been attracting a whole range of clients from advertisers, graphic designers, entertainment and video game makers, with the odd private commission. I used to just focus on one type of work but my clients have a wide variety of needs. Some like my expressionist work while others want the comic book and line work.”

Michael’s Studio has even partnered with some Start Up game developers acting as a Project Lead.

“I have always promoted my services as an illustrator but continually find myself in a designer, or director role. I even find myself in executive roles as an adviser. It’s really scary. I keep telling people I just draw pictures.”

Michael loves doing art for games but finds the editorial, advertising, and publishing gigs just as rewarding. Taking the opportunity to work inside the various fields gives him a well rounded approach to the different needs of each client.

“With new media things are really changing. I have to be versatile as every project requires a new media solution. I was lucky to start in Video games as the industry is so demanding.”

While common wisdom in the Illustration Field is to have one style and stick to it, Michael Grills Illustration and Artwork has found that a different approach can work too. Michael prides himself on being consistent amongst his two major styles.

“Why be one dimensional if the patrons want you to be varied? Especially in a big world where there is not a lot of clients who want a specialized look. The trick here is being adaptable.”

For additional information, contact: Michael Grills