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ilovedust, McFaul, and Tristan Eaton – Brisk Iced Tea Packaging

McFaul – Raspberry

Lipton Brisk Iced Teas recently unveiled new flavors – lemon, strawberry melon, tea-lemonade, raspberry, peach, and sweet tea. To celebrate the exciting variety of new tastes, they asked six artists from around the world to illustrate packaging design based on the inspiration they received from trying the iced tea.
ilovedust, Mcfaul Studio, and Tristan Eaton worked with agency Safari Sundays for the new campaign.

ilovedust – Peach

Tristan Eaton – Sweet Tea

ilovedust describes the peach flavor as “a sweet fresh taste with a twist.” McFaul’s Raspberry label reflects “a monster taste explosion.” And Tristan’s evocative label for sweet tea illustrates “that taste of absolute satisfaction.”

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