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Inkymole’s 4th July Fireworks Poster Campaign for Macy’s

Macy's July 4th Fireworks Poster

This summer I did the July 4th Annual 33rd Fireworks poster for Macy’s in New York. The legendary celebrations. sponsored by the ‘world’s biggest department store’ Macy’s were extra-special this year – the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Mannahatta island, by Henry Hudson who sailed up the river which was eventually to be named after him.

The job was to create a poster which was then turned into a store-side animation and window displays. As the poster had to reflect the historic nature of the event, the typography harked back to a pre-digital era with every letter and illustration hand-drawn, inspired by the history of the event and the pyrotechnics themselves. The job was commissioned through my NY agency Bernstein & Andriulli.

Visit my blog to see a film of the animation being played out to the busy streets of New York City! Or visit to see more work.