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Sam De Buysscher – Expo Little Fellas

Expo Little Fellas

Toy Factory presents: “Little Fellas” The latest work by Sam De Buysscher

Toy Factory – a wonderful creation of Sam De Buysscher's mind – has been in top gear for the launch of “Little Fellas”. For his second solo exposition, Sam De Buysscher dived into the sinister world of childhood and puberty, showing us what it feels like to be one of these “Little Fellas”. A colourful guide to growing up, emotions and impulsive behaviour. Ride on the waves of this magila trip and bring the inner child alive!

At Mekanik Strip
Sint-​Jacobsmarkt 73 / 2000 Antwerp
Open ing night friday June 5th 2009
Expo runs from June 5th till 30th