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We Don’t Need Fake! – Ben the Illustrator

We Don't Need Fake! - Ben the Illustrator

In a world of trailblazing design big dogs and crafty cheating copycats, there is only one route to reach great heights, and that’s to follow your own path!  No-one enjoys being ripped off, whether it’s a character or a typeface, an art print or a toy, so let’s all shout out loud “Of the real, by the real, for the real!  WE DON’T NEED FAKE!!!”

‘WE DON’T NEED FAKE’ is a new project set-up by paper pioneer and friend of Speakerdog, Shin Tanaka, to promote the idea of stopping all the copying and stepping up to design from your own hearts and minds.  Seven paper toys have been designed so far to spread the message so check out the site, download your favourite and display with pride!

Click here to check out WE DON’T NEED FAKE!!!

We Don't Need Fake! - Ben the Illustrator