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Tan the Man – James Titterton

Tan the Man - James Titterton

I am offering my skin as a light sensitive material, upon which I am willing to have appropriate visual content ‘developed’ as a suntan. I am looking for content for this piece, and have decided to offer this opportunity up as a competition. Open to absolutely anybody who would like to submit a feasible design, I am appealing for submissions that you would like to see captured in suntan upon my body. – James Titterton

Looks like a fun project! You can find out how to get involved by visiting If you’re wondering how this works, James has prepared a diagram of his body for you to decorate and email back to him, the diagram can be found by downloading this PDF. The chosen design will turned into vinyl stickers applied to his skin before he walks into a tanning booth.

The finished image will be displayed at the Arden & Anstruther Photographic Gallery in Petworth, West Sussex, where I will stand as an exhibit in a photography show. – James Titterton

For more information visit –