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Sing for Change & Sky High Hopes

Sing for Change & Sky High Hopes

British illustrator Inkymole aka Sarah Coleman has had two pieces of work chosen for the New York Society of Illustrators’ Show, 2009. Opening March 6th, the show includes these images created in 2008: ‘Sky High Hopes’

Created for The Outfit’s range of 2009 Tote Bags, this is part of their Environmental range. Since I create my best things around words and stories, I commissioned the copy from writer Ed Garland, who supplied lots of tiny phrases and stories for the project. This one grabbed me straight away, prompting the pencils into inspired action! The piece is hand-drawn in ink, at 12″ square, and coloured up digitally for a clean, screen-printable look.

The ‘Sing for Change' campaign brings together British Girl Guides (the UK's Girl Scouts) to share their vocal talents while helping girls in Nepal gain access to water through the UK's Water Aid campaign. Created in coloured inks on paper, this illustration was an absolute pleasure to do, and communicates the joy of singing to bring about change!

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