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Carlos Garde-Martin at Pick Me Up 2015

I made this video to document my involvement in Pick Me Up 2015 at Somerset House, London. You get to see behind the scenes footage of us setting up the Niki Best shop. There are clips from the private view, and more general shots over the 12 day festival. It was such a fantastic thing to be part of, if you couldn’t make it I hope this will fill you in on some of what you missed. Similarly if you did make it down and want to reminisce watch away!

JJ Abrams Star Wars / Star Trek Caricature Portrait


This is a self promotional piece caricaturing movie director JJ Abrams, director of the recent Star Trek movies and of course the forthcoming new Star Wars film. As well as JJ, I also did the same for Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly) and Zack Whedon (Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman). They were a lot of fun to do, I hope you enjoy them!

External Link: JJ Abrams Star Wars / Star Trek Caricature Portrait